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For fast and straightforward checking of links on your pages use this "Links Count Checker" tool by SmallSeoMaster.

This free electronic tool is what you need accepting you need to count the number of dynamic links is there on a given page. Website owners and website administrators ought to regularly check the external links on their webpage pages to ensure the idea of a website.

Even more basically, this tool can help you with saving money and the trouble of paying for publicizing or link working from a not actually acceptable expert association. The use of "Link Farms" (pages or websites that exist only for recreating backlinks) is genuinely not a good option for webpage improvement since they have a particular computation that can perceive such link building works out. It can truly hurt your website than help you with smoothing out it.

Thusly, it is proposed that you use this link count checker tool as an early phase to wipe out pages that may really hurt the remaining of your website in the event that you will exchange links. Then, you can make further examination by truly surveying the meaning of that specific page.



One of the fundamental pieces of a website that most website owners worry about is the number of links they have on their pages, both internal and external links. Since the more and quality links a website has, the higher it will be situated by means of web records like Google.

To find the internal, external links, and backlinks of your site pages SSM’s Link Count Checker tool can help you. It will moreover show in the event that they are Dofollow or Nofollow links. By the day's end, this is a drawing nearer and dynamic links extractor similarly as a counter tool that is particularly profitable for site plan improvement.

We at SMALL SEO MASTER need to give website owners and website administrators the best tool that can count both the internal and external links as this can give them a keen contemplated the link worth of their website.

This Link Count Checker tool is inconceivably helpful in getting every one of the crucial information that you can use in dealing with the idea of a website page. Commonly, the website owner requirements to check the quantity of internal and external links that are there on a given page.



This Link Count Checker tool is especially easy to use. You simply need to enter the URL in the text field and thereafter click on the "Check" button. Our system uses a momentous computation that will cycle your request and will create the result in a second. The results will show you the going with information:

•        Total links

•        Internal links

•        External links

•        No-follow link

•        Do-follow links


Total links – The total number of internal and external links that a website has is Known as Total Links. SmallSeoMaster’s Website links count checker tools will similarly pick the number of facsimile links and invalid anchors.

Internal links – these are the link pages on a website that can be found. They are for the most part linked through the website menu or by interlinks.

External links – are the links to various websites or in any case called associate websites. The higher the number of external links that a website has the better for webpage plan improvement. However, all links should be with relevant and strong websites and not spam objections.

No-follow links - are ordinarily shown in red as they show peril. The level of risk that they have to a website is at this point simple to disprove. In light of everything, you should avoid no-follow links. Well-known internet-based media objections like Facebook and Twitter are normally No-follow.

Do-follow links – are links that license Google and other web records to follow them and show up at your website. This is link is helpful for the website since it can help you with getting a nice page situating on web lists.

There are some website link count checker tools that can in like manner perceive the anchor text which is linking your website to another page. This can help you in inspecting the text to make more Do-follow links.



The most capable way to deal with getting do-follow links is to use this website links count checker or the duplicate link checker tool. From the results, you can start completing fundamental changes on your pages to make your links more fascinating to web records. The links (both internal and external) ought to be related to the page content and used in a real setting to help you with SEO.

You can moreover do guest adding to a blog on a practically identical website that has page position to help with extending website traffic that could in like manner brief a predominant page situating on different web lists like Google. obl in SEO will help you.

The web search tool's situating rules use an exceptional estimation that can cooperation information wisely. Those websites that endeavor to deceive these web lists by buying vindictive links or using farm links won't prevail because they have a technique for distinguishing such activities. online page counter tool will help you.



Most web lists like Google were accomplice a website link to other related districts and this made a predicament for some website owners and bloggers. Some used the opportunity to get cash; misleading link farms were introduced to gullible website owners and website administrators. They are only aware of the meaning of external links that is the explanation they capitulated to paid estate links.

Regardless, it prompts one more issue since links that contain defenseless substances were set on different blog regions and linked to websites. It transformed into a significant issue for committed website owners and bloggers, so they implanted no-proceed in their districts to end this horrendous practice.

Google and other web search tools were similarly affected and expected to change their situating computations. They made a system that will truly investigate the authenticity of links and moreover did the No-follow thought in overseeing bogus and spam websites. Various website owners ended up being more aware of getting No-follow links being connected with buying links from dark sources and actually relied upon linking with strong sources or websites.