Use this free Small SEO Tool URL Rewriting by Small SEO Master is a super-efficient tool that swiftly creates static URLs with just a single clunk. You just need to copy the URL and paste into the below box.

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URL Rewriting Tool Available At SmallSeoMaster:-

SmallSeoMaster's URL Rewriting Tool helps you with rewriting dynamic URLs. It is fairly versatile and included a successfully reasonable interface. Our dynamic URL rewriter tool utilizes Apache's mod-rewrite module to change long complex dynamic URLs into web record cheerful static HTML URLs.

If you acknowledge that by outlining a productive site, your work is done, you are completely misguided. Every minor detail is basic for a site and among that, the URL demands more significance in assessment with another thing. You may have an unnecessarily draw out URL which isn't straightforward using any and all means. To handle these issues, SmallSeoMaster has brought a champion URL rewriting tool that assists with eliminating dynamic URLs. Our amazing tool makes your URL straightforward and short moreover. There can be three fundamental drivers for changing a dynamic URL into a static one.

First thing, static URL positions better in Search Engine results. Additionally, Static URLs are more consistent in making your site faster than dynamic URLs. Besides, thirdly, it incorporates a viably sensible interface. Subsequently, with the assistance of our marvelous URL rewriting tool, rewrite your dynamic URLs and accept your prizes. Besides the above reasons, static URLs have more significant transparency in customer's eyes. Our astonishing rewriting tool utilizes Apache's mod-rewrite part to change a dynamic URL into web search tool agreeable static URLs. You ought to just copy/stick your dynamic URL in the referred to message box, and our tool with transforming them into a static one inside several minutes. Merry Converting!


Why Is It Fine To Have Clean URLs?:-

There could be two in number purposes behind you to rewrite URLs. One of them is applicable to SEO. It looks that web crawlers are a lot of calm with URLs that do bar long request strings. URL rewrite code generator rules are utilized to change dynamic URLs into web records all around arranged associations. These pleasing static URLs for the most part rank better in web crawlers and can connect more traffic as they by and large look more agreeable to outrageous customers.

A URL like http://www.domain.com/4/basic.html can be requested easier, while its dynamic design, http://www.abc.com/cgi-compartment/gen.php?id=1453&view=basic, can bewilder web records and lead them towards miss possibly basic information associated with URL, and hence holding you back from getting projected situating.

With cleaner URLs, web records can isolate envelope names and can make real associations with watchwords. Request string goals appeared, apparently, to be a hindrance in a web searcher's undertaking to play out the requesting. Different SEO specialists ensure that dynamic URLs are not alluring to web bugs, while static URLs have a more significant level of receptiveness in their eyes. you can use this url rewriting in WordPress or htaccess rewriting or javascript url rewriting tool.


How SmallSeoMaster's URL Rewriting Tool Actually Works:-

Static URLs are perceived to be better than Dynamic URLs inferable from different reasons:

•        Static URLs ordinarily Rank better in Search Engines.

•        Search Engines are perceived to list the substance of dynamic pages a great deal of all the more delayed in assessment with static pages.

•        Static URLs are reliably more agreeable looking too outrageous customers.

Change Your Prolonged Dynamic URLs into Static Ones

Our URL Rewriting tool will maintain you change your dynamic URL into a static and more restricted one.


Why Rewrite URLs?:-

Static URLs are on various occasions better contrasted with dynamic ones as they are very easy to review for outrageous customers. They are amazingly easy to bookmark. Also, they perform better for web record situating objections.


Benefits of Rewriting URLs

•        Static URLs are significantly easier to review for end-customers

•        They are more straightforward to bookmark

•        They perform better in web records and may propel your request positions


URL Rewriting Tool – Do You Need It?:-

To get a handle on the restriction of our URL rewriting tool and when do SEOs and site proprietors use it; it's significant to know in which URL type this steady tool is required. In the event that you are a site administrator who has had a site worked with and made; you possibly don't have thought about the kind of site you have.

Two kinds of destinations exist over the web and are called 'dynamic' and 'static' 'locales. We ought to examine it and endeavor to get what the differences among dynamic and static destinations are, and where do you need our rewriting tool.


Static and Dynamic Websites

There are two or three static locales around the web. In case a site is giving information without any whistles or ringers; it's more than likely a static site. Minimal estimated associations and associations have static locales. The association or business just necessities to show its existence on the web. They needn't bother with some other individual appropriating their business name and setting up a site.

Static locales are more straightforward to have and more affordable to make. Looking for someone with HTML data to revive is a huge disadvantage.


Advantages of Static Websites

•        Very unassuming to make

•        Fast to make

•        Affordable to have

Dynamic locales, of course, partake in a couple of advantages. They will cost more to develop essentially yet are easier for the master to revive and direct. Dynamic objections can be revived easily. For instance, events and news can be viably moved by an essential UI. Delivery sheets, E-business structures, the readiness for site administrators and visitors to revive are astoundingly fundamental tasks to perform in dynamic regions.


Advantages of Dynamic Websites

•        Website offers more prominent value

•        Very easy to invigorate

•        Allows visitors and customers to relate without issues

•        Allows the exchange of information between the site owner and outrageous customers. Dynamic URL rewriting tool


Obstacles of Dynamic Websites

•        Costly to Host     

•        Costly to Develop

Besides these vacillations among dynamic and static locales, there are different advantages of static destinations. This is where the utilization of a competent URL rewriting tool becomes critical.



Both dynamic and static locales partake in their own advantages and weights. If you are procuring the traffic you need, there is no justification for changing your site beginning with one kind then onto the following. You should potentially ponder a switch on the off chance that it is affecting the display of your site.