As a SEO expert or Webmaster, you should check the server status on a regular basis of your websites. Small SEO Master’s Server status checker is accessible for free to all. Run a free test for bulk or single URL.

Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)





Our HTTP Server status codes testing gadget helps you with checking whether the status of a website is offline or online. Every single time your program requests a website, status codes are returned, When something turns out seriously your program passed on some message in your program like "Something isn't straightforwardly close by error code e.g 404"

As a website administrator or SEO, you should regularly take a gander at the server status of your websites. The server status checker is open for nothing on Small SEO Master, Run a free test for single or mass URLs.

Paste up to 100 URLs in the test gadget If you need to check the HTTP status codes that your program doesn't normally show you, the test gadget will show the HTTP status code of every single website in a separate line, Each server status code has substitute importance. Server particular HTTP response codes with their importance are referred to underneath: check server status/my server status.


Understanding OF HTTP STATUS CODE:-

200 status code: OK is satisfactory. It infers that your server had the choice to return content for the URL you referenced.

301 status code: Moved Permanently suggests that the referenced URL has been moved for record-breaking and all further demands should be coordinated to the new region.

302 status code: Establish resources the server has to bring into being a transitory transferal. This URL should be used again for the accompanying time since it is simply temporary.

307 status code: Temporary Redirect resembles a 302 because it is a temporary redirect and a comparative URL should be used again for the accompanying time.

400 status code: Bad Request simply suggests that the server neglected to truly see what you were looking for.

401 status code: Unauthorized suggests that your server will not yield induction to the substance without authorization

403 status code: Forbidden suggests that the server will not show you the substance, paying little regard to affirmation.

404 status code: Not Found is a commonplace, disillusioning error, and may even be what you're checking for with this Server Status instrument. This error code reveals to you that the archive you were looking for isn't found. Web files need a 404 to know which URLs are considerable and which aren't.

410 status code: Gone resembles 404. It reveals to you that the URL you were looking for existed, but is gone.

500 status code: Internal Server Error is another failure that ought to be coordinated to your web host or framework administrator. It suggests something isn't directly with the server.

From the error code that is returned on a URL, you will really need to recognize the avocation behind it being practical or down.

If your website is down as a consequence of any of the errors as referred to above, you should sort it out with your website working with an expert community.

This worthwhile contraption to perceive issues on websites should be a basic gadget for all SEOs and website administrators. By using it you as an SEO or website administrator become more familiar with exactly what the defense behind your website being down is, and you can fix it.



This accommodating and powerful server status checker instrument grants you to really investigate the server status of boundless websites. The server status of a particular site page let website administrator know whether a website working fine, To use this testing device read the direction underneath,

Enter one URL for each line in the text locale that is shown.

At whatever point you have entered the URLs which can be just one or any number up to a hundred. Snap-on the "Submit" button.

The test will run and show the results. The possible status codes will be displayed against each space name that you entered.

keep a normal brain on the status of your website using a server status checker and take speedy actions each time your website goes down.  Just search in Google how to check if the server is down or game server checker.



As your website creates, it becomes principal to participate in each piece of your website exercises to truly investigate its status. if you negligence to monitor certain pieces of your website which make the most compensation, like your working with server and network performance, they can tumble startlingly.

Dependably monitoring of server status can give items benefits

Utilizing testing gadget routinely for server status monitoring recognizes any error on start and Prevents little issues from extending ones

Give direction early with respect to important programming and gear revives.

Predictable monitoring of your server Increased security. Foundation of important updates basically reduces the chances of malware and Spam



In case you guarantee and manage one or various websites, you ought to sometimes take a gander at the server status of your objections. Or you may be a web customer and are going up against a couple of issues in partnership with your favorite websites. For the present circumstance, you can moreover check the status of these websites using any free status code checker utility. In case you own a website or you are an architect, HTTP status codes understanding is fundamental for you. Exactly when these HTTP status codes show up. HTTP status codes are huge information for website administrators to fix website arrangement errors on time.



While crawling web searcher bots read HTTP status codes and act accordingly whether your website pages should record in the web list.

100 - 200 HTTP status codes signal that everything is working incredibly on your website.

400 response codes and 500 response codes can forestall web searcher bots from crawling and ordering your website's important pages and sign web search instruments that your site page is genuinely not a quality website, in this manner, can cut down your website rank.

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