Use this Page Authority Checker tool to check the PA Score of your website. This authority checker gives you the idea of how successful a website page can act on Google.

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What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a score made by Small SEO Master that predicts how well a particular page will rank on web crawler result pages (SERP). Page Authority scores array from one to 100, with the higher scores identifying with a more colossal ability to rank.

Page Authority relies upon data from our web record and thinks about numerous components. Like Domain Authority, it uses an AI model to recognize the estimation that best relates with rankings across the enormous number of SERPs that we expect against, then, using the specific calculation produces Page Authority scores.

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How is Page Authority scored?

On a 100-point logarithmic scale, Small SEO Master score Page Authority. Thusly, it's through and through less difficult to foster your score from 20 to 30 than it is to create from 70 to 80. You may observe your score change from time to time because We constantly update the computation used to discover Page Authority for your help.


What is a "OK" Page Authority?

Because of how Page not really set in stone (see "Specific importance of Page Authority" underneath), it's best used as a comparative estimation (rather than a by and large, considerable score) when doing examine in the ordered records and sorting out which pages may have more noteworthy or huge association profiles than others. Since it's a comparative gadget, there isn't actually a "adequate" or "horrendous" Page Authority score.


Page Authority versus Domain Authority

The perceptive ranking strength of a singular page assesses by Page Authority, the strength of entire domains or subdomains is appraises by Domain Authority. The estimations, not really set in stone using a comparable system — so in various ways, they're more unclear than they are extraordinary.


Where might you have the option to find Page Authority?

Page Authority estimations are melded into numerous SEO and web advancing stages across the web.

Using the link Small SEO Master, you can check Domain Authority. In the SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer or in the SEO toolbar of SSM you can check this freely. Authority estimations are moreover combined into all SSM, similarly to our API. You can use this page rank tool


The specific importance of Page Authority

Page still up in the air likewise as Domain Authority yet at the solitary page level. Page Authority is based on data from the Small SEO Master list and fuses interface counts and various components (in excess of 40 by and large). Fundamentally, it doesn't ponder unequivocal on-page parts like watchword use or content upgrade.

Like Domain Authority, Page is not really settled using an AI computation and therefore will fluctuate as the data being dealt with into the estimation changes. Hence, it's ideal to use Page Authority as an overall estimation to differentiate against various pages as conflicted with a by and large worth "scoring" the rankability of any one page.


How might I affect Page Authority?

Like Domain Authority, Page Authority is a far-reaching score and difficult to affect directly. It is involved an aggregate of estimations that each influence the score. This multi-factorial reliance is purposeful: Since Google considers a lot of parts when ranking a page, a metric those undertakings to work out it should blend an immense heap of parts, besides.

The best way to deal with sway a page's Authority is to additionally foster its association profile. This can be developed by getting outside joins from other huge position pages, which subsequently go about as "showings of endorsement" for the authority of your page.


Why did my Page Authority change?

Page Authority depends upon a huge number and as needs be can change for a wide number of reasons. More information concerning why Page Authority changes and a model for unraveling those risks can be found in the "why did my Authority change?" region here.