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gp sms pack 2023: Assalamu Alaikum dear reader. I hope all is well with you. I’ve come back to you again with a new article about GP SIM. I will talk mostly about the GP SIM SMS purchase code today. So, in 2023, if you want to buy GP SMS pack. Then the article for today is just what you need.

GP SMS 30-Day Pack 2023

Those who want to buy a monthly GP SMS pack can buy instant SMS by dialling the code below. Let’s look at what gp sms pack 2023 30 days has to offer.

GP 1000 SMS 30 days Code 2023

For just 35 taka, you can get 1000 SMS on GP SIM. You can send 1000 SMS each month with this. Let’s look at how to get the offer to work.
Code to turn on: *111*10*6#
Expense: 35 Tk
Duration: 30 days

GP 500 SMS 30 days code 2023

GP SIM is getting 500 SMS for just tk 19. You have 30 days to use these 500 sms. Let’s look at the launch rules for the offer.
Type s6 and send to 121 to get the activation code.
Prices: 19 Tk
Duration: 30 days
Or: Click here

GP 200 SMS 30 days Code 2023

On GP SIM, you can buy 200 SMS for just tk 11. This SMS pack can be used for 30 days. Use the code below to start the deal.
Code to turn on: *111*10*6#
Prices: 11 Tk
Duration: 30 days

Code to turn on: *121*1015*1#
Cost: 7 tk Length: 4 days

gp 25 SMS code 2023

It only costs tk 3 to get 25 SMS on a GP SIM. Follow the steps below to get the deal started.
Code to turn on: *121*1015*2#
Cost: 2 Tk
Duration: 3 days


This is what was said about gp sms pack 2023 in the short talk we had today. With today’s article, you should now know how to buy sms. You can also buy SMS for GP SIM. Then you need to get the app Flexiplan. So, friends, please leave a comment if you have any questions about the GP SMS Pack 2023. Keep an eye on our website for more news like this about telecom.

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