100+ Free Press Release Websites List With High DA & PA

This article tells you about Free Press Release Websites that can help you and your clients get backlinks.

What is a release to the press?

Sending a press release means writing about new company events, products, or services and sending it to PR sites.

Press Release is an off-page SEO strategy that will help you spread the word about your events, products, or services on the web, which will help your site’s SEO.

How to Send a Press Release: A Step-by-Step Guide

No matter what a press release is trying to do—get a story covered, manage a company’s reputation, or share financial results—the key is to write clear, concise stories about your business.
Your company can build a good reputation on the market with help from the media and analysts, and press releases are still a powerful way to spread news and start conversations. But for that to work, your press release has to be interesting, newsworthy, and easy to find.

Why should you send out a press release?

One of the few off-page SEO techniques that can help increase the value of your company’s brand is sending out press releases.
If you just started a new service or showed off a new product, you should write a fun press release about it.

Then, start sending your press release to free press release submission sites that will help you get people’s attention. It’s a lot like submitting article content.

In addition to making your business more visible, submitting press releases can help you get a one-way link from a legitimate site, which is great for SEO.

List of Good Places to Send a Press Release

Website URL DA PA
pressbox.com 36 44
1888pressrelease.com 54 52
24-7pressrelease.com 67 56
artikel-presse.de 37 43
backlinkfy.com/press-release-distribution 35 41
briefingwire.com 48 51
businessportal24.com 46 46
clickpress.com/releases/index.shtml 44 48
company.digpu.com/pr-news-packages/ 30 35
directcontactpr.com 26 37
enewswire.co.uk 31 42
exactrelease.com 34 44
firmenpresse.de 44 49
free-news-distribution.com 12 39
express-press-release.net 45 50
forpressrelease.com 39 49
free-press-release-center.info/ 43 49
ereleases.com/ 59 51
cnw.en.mediaroom.com 84 48
freeprnews.co.uk 13 38
freeprnow.com 42 48
helpareporter.com 61 56
highwirepress.com 50 44
emailwire.com 48 51
releasewire.com 56 51
nanotech-now.com 58 52
accesswire.com 60 53
clickpress.com 44 48
newsbox.com 28 38
pressreleasejet.com 45 48
prmac.com 52 52
keysnews.com 59 53
newswirejet.com 22 41
press.abc-directory.com 38 40
presswire.com 37 48
vizrelease.com 10 35
cgidir.com 32 43
businesswire.com 92 72
daily-chronicle.com 65 46
findit.com 48 48
realwire.com 63 49
einpresswire.com/ 61 53
send2press.com 57 49
linkingnews.com 32 40
prdistribution.com 57 46
prezly.com 73 53
top10orfree.com/distribution/ 26 22
webknowhow.net 32 40
hungarynewswire.com 11 43
i-newswire.com 53 50
issuewire.com 45 50
live-pr.com 50 45
marketpressrelease.com 42 46
newswire.com 75 57
newswiretoday.com 54 49
onlineprnews.com 57 52
pitchengine.com 63 55
powerhomebiz.net 23 30
pr-inside.com 65 53
pr.com 70 58
pr9.net 34 43
prbd.net 19 42
prbuzz.com 48 48
pressabout.com 29 45
pressat.co.uk 55 50
pressbox.co.uk 51 51
pressrelease.com 36 47
pressreleaseping.com 36 46
pressreleasepoint.com 61 52
pressreleasepost.com 35 46
prfire.co.uk 38 44
prfree.org 43 50
prleap.com 56 52
prlog.org 78 61
prnewsdistribution.co.uk 17 37
prnewswire.com 92 69
prsync.com 52 55
prunderground.com 52 49
prurgent.com 52 48
prweb.com 91 68
przoom.com 29 46
realtimepressrelease.com 14 44
release-news.com 35 47
sbwire.com 62 55
theopenpress.com 46 48
top10orfree.com/ 26 38
travpr.com 37 43
w.globenewswire.com 90 56
webwire.com 67 54
westuc.com 53 40
xpresspress.com 40 43
bizcommunity.com/ 79 57


How to Handle Your Press Release’s Content for SEO

Follow the steps below to manage your SEO content marketing for your press release while you write the release.

  • Use keywords
  • Have a summary of the title and explain in the body who, what, where, when, and how.
  • Talk about how people can contact you.
  • Details about the company
  • Add relevant links

How to Post a Free Press Release on a Press Release Site

Find where press releases are posted

Visit the site and give all the information needed to set up an account, such as a username, a password, and an email address.
Look at the account.
You have to give the site the headline, summary, keywords, contact information, and anything else it asks for.
Now you have to wait to see if they say yes. If your press release is okay with the site, it will be posted.
Some sites will only let you use them if you buy a package of services.
Why you should send a press release: makes links more popular:
It is one of the quickest ways to get links to your website from other sites.

Increases Traffic and Sales: Using keyword optimisation in PR content helps bring more people to the site and make more sales.

It makes it easy for search engines to find your site, so you don’t have to spend as much on other online marketing activities.

Online Recognition: This helps you build your site’s online reputation and the visitors’ trust.

Long-Term Benefit: Online press release submission has a long life, so it will help you for a long time.

How to send a press release: Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean for SEO to send a press release (PR)?
Press release submission is an off-page SEO activity that lets people know about recent news, new products, and upcoming events.

Where can I send a press release that won’t cost me anything?
Here are the top 10 free sites for sending press releases in 2022.

PR Log: Today’s PR News Online PR Point Free Press Release Newswire
PR Fire Sends Out Press Releases Around the Clock
PR Sync and Presswire are examples of sites where press releases can be sent.
This is a full guide to submitting press releases and a list of the newest sites that will help you get free traffic in 2022.

I hope the list of sites was helpful and that you will use them to send out your new press release.

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